No apologies….

I will no longer apologize anymore for the person I am. My life has molded me into a survivor from a not so beautiful past and an unforgiving present. I have endured hurt and pain from people who have no idea of who I am. The judgments that have been passed on me, I have gathered and hid away… until now. You think you “know me” well enough to talk about me as if I have no feelings… Yet you can’t come to me and open your mind or your heart to actually make a real effort to see who I am. Yes, I am human. I have never claimed perfection in any way. I make mistakes…and when I do, I own my mistakes. But don’t ever expect me to claim one that isn’t mine to claim. Have you ever seen me standing on the edge from the whispers you thought I couldn’t hear? Have you caught my tears as they fell as I watched people walk away from me or make a concerted effort to act as if they didn’t know me? Have you held my hand when I reached out for understanding from someone who turned away from me? You do not know me. You have not lived the life I have lived or endured the suffering I had no choice than to embrace. I want to share my story…..truth be told, you don’t know me at all…yet you think you do. I make no apologies for who I am.